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Ammonium Bisulphite Solution is used as an Oxygen Scavenger to arrest oxygen in Water and especially in Sea Water.
Oxygen Scavenger is a perfect blending of an active Ammonium bisulphite solution and inorganic chemicals

Characteristic and property

Physical State : The material shall be in the form of a clear solution, free from visible impurities.
Ammonium Bisulphite Content as: NH4HSO3, percent by mass     :  65 (Minimum) .
Consumption of the Scavenger Solution for each 1ppm of Dissolved Oxygen in Sea Water/ Injection Water at 24 ± 2°C ) with a retention time of 5 minutes, PPm    : 9.5 (Maximum).


Oil field chemical and as a reducing agent in caramel, photographic chemical. Advantagess

As the Oxygen Scavenger is available in Ammonium Bisulphite Solution form it can be easily injected in water and does not require any additional equipment for mixing and dissolved oxygen is remove instantaneously. Toxicity and Handling

It can be stored in closed containers away from direct sunlight at ambient temperature. During handling, direct contact with human body is to be avoided. Safety goggles and gloves are recommended for safe handling. On ingestion / eye contact with the product,
medical attention should be sought immediately.

Packaging and Storage

250 Kg Net in New HDPE Barrels. X 

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