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Anthracite is used for water treatment especially in fine filters to help to bring water injection quality to desired level. 

Characteristic and property

The Material shall be granular and shall be free from visible impurities.
Density, g / cm:                                                           1.40 (Minimum3)
Bulk Porosity, percent by volume:                                 30.0 (Minimum)
Moisture Content at 105 ± 2 °C
percent by mass:                                                         5.0 (Maximum)
Carbon Content, percent by mass:                                80.0 (Minimum) 
Hardness, mho's Scale:                                               2.5 (Minimum) 
Dry Sieve Analysis :
(a) Size Designation          : ASTM No. 10 / 18 or Equivalent.
b) Fraction Retained on ASTM No. 10 or Equivalent Sieve, percent by Man                          : 5.0 (Maximum).
(c)    Fraction Retained in between the Designated or Equivalent Sieves, percent by mass      :80.0 (Minimum).
(d)    Fraction Passing through ASTM No. 18 or Equivalent Sieve, percent by mass               : 5.0 (Maximum)


It forms the top layer in fine filters for removing the sediments and particulate matter in sea water used for water injection schemes.

Filtration aid in water injection schemes. 

Toxicity and Handling

It can be stored in closed containers away from direct sunlight at ambient temperature. During handling, direct contact with human body is to be avoided. Safety goggles and gloves are recommended for safe handling. The spillage can be washed with copious amount of water. On Ingestion/Eye contact with the product, medical attention should be sought immediately.

Packaging and Storage

50 kg in a net durable bag or as your request.

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