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Barite API 13


Barite (BaSO4) is used as a weighting agent in both water and oil base drilling fluids.


Barite is supplied to meet API specifications.

 Specific Gravity:

Minimum 4.2 3% residue (max.) on US Sieve #200 (74 microns)

5% residue (min.) on US Sieve #325 (44 microns) 

Due to its relatively low cost and high density, Barite is the most commonly used weight material in drilling fluids.

Barite weighted fluids can achieve a maximum density of +/- 2400 kg/m3.


The quantity of Barite required will depend upon encountered formation pressures and Operator’s specifications. The formula for calculating the required amount of Barite to achieve a desired density is: 
Barite kg/m3 required = 4200 (W2 – W1)
4200 – W2

For every 100 sacks of barite mixed, the volume will increase by 1 cubic meter. Add through the hopper as rapidly as needed. When large amounts are added to a system, add water to prevent mud dehydration.


Appearance fine beige/gray powder
Specific Gravity 4.20 

Bulk Density 2160 kg/m3/em>


Barite is not a controlled product using the WHMIS classification. 

Refer to MSDS information for specific precautions and handling.


Barite is packaged in 50kg bags and is available from Vision Minerals & Energy.

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