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Blended lost circulation material is a combination of fibers, granules and flakes sized to plug large natural fractures. It can be used in both oil and water-based fluids and is furnished in four size ranges; Fine, Medium, Large and Classic. A type of material that is long, slender and flexible and occurs in various sizes and lengths of fiber. Fiber LCM is added to mud and placed downhole to help retard mud loss into fractures or highly permeable zones. Ideally, fiber LCM should be insoluble and inert to the mud system in which it is used. Examples are cedar bark, shredded cane stalks, mineral fiber and hair. Often, granular, flake and fiber LCM are mixed together into an LCM pill and pumped into the well next to the zone of "">fluid lossto seal the formation that is taking mud from the system.



Appearance -------------------Brown, white, and gray particles and fibers
Specific gravity-------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1
Water solubility-------------------------------------Insoluble 



Helps seal permeable zones
Helps reduce loss of whole mud



Can mix easily with standard rig equipment and can be pumped with the rig pumps
Can be used with most water-based fluids
Will not plug conventional drilling equipment


1. As a slug treatment, add 30-50 lb/bbl (85.59-142.65 kg/m³).
2. As a preventative treatment, add 5-20 lb/bbl (14.27-57.06 kg/m³). Notes:
Blended lost circulation material can be screened from the active drilling fluid system by shale shakers or mud cleaner. These pieces of equipment should be bypassed if blended lost circularion material is to be maintained as a preventative treatment.
Blended lost circulation material should not be used in an oil-based mud because water wetting of the solids can occur.
Downhole tools with small tolerances may become plugged.



Advice on safe handling    For personal protection see section 8. Smoking, eating and drinking should be prohibited in the application area.
Advice on protection against fire and explosion    Provide appropriate exhaust ventilation at places where dust is formed.


Blended lost cirulation material coarse, medium, and fine grade materials are packaged in 50-lb (22.7-kg) sacks. 

Requirements for storage areas and containers    Electrical installations / working materials must comply with the technological safety standards.
Advice on common storage    No materials to be especially mentioned.
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