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Mainly applied in ocean oil wells as completion and drilling fluid, stationary liquid and work over fluid.


Physical State : The Material shall be in the form of crystalline powder with White Flakes or Powder, free from visible impurities.

Purity as CaBr2, percent by mass                    : 95.0 (Minimum).
Chloride as CaCl2, percent by mass                 : 3.0 (Maximum).
Water Insoluble Matter, percent by mass          : 0.03 (Maximum).
Specific Gravity at 24 ± 2 °C                            : 3.30 (Minimum).


HS code: 28275900
CAS no.: 7789-41-5
Formula: CaBr22H2O
Appearance: white flakes or powder
Content: 95% min.
Moisture: 4.5% max.
pH value: 7 - 9
Insolubles in water: 3% max.
Chloride: 0.1% max.
Sulphide: 0.05% max.


In HDPE bag lined with plastic bag, or tightly sealed in colored plastic barrel.

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