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GRADE              CMC HV 

S.NO Parameter Specifications
1 Appearance Off white to creamish free flowing powder
2 Nature of Polymer Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose
2 Moisture Content Max. 8.0%
4 PH of 1% Solution 8.0 – 10.0
5 Solubility Soluble in fresh water
6 Viscosity
a. In D.W.160m3/Ton
b. In S.W.130 m3/Ton
c. In S.S.W.140 m3/Ton
Min. 15 Cps
Min. 15 Cps
Min. 15 Cps
7 Purity (% on dry basis) Min. 60.0 %
8 Degree of Substitution Min. 0.7
9 Toxicity; Non Toxic
10 Filtrate Volume As per DFCP-7 Max. 10.00 ml


Packed 25.0 Kg Export worthy Multi wall Paper Bags

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