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Chemical Name:    Molecular formula: NaOH
No.CAS 1310-73-2
Abbreviation: :    Caustic Soda
Caustic soda flakes is obtained from sodium hydroxide - technical grade, by electrolytic process. It is a solid white, hygroscopic, odorless substance.
Caustic soda flakes easily dissolves in water, with heat release. The product is soluble in methyl and ethyl alcohols. Sodium hydroxide is a strong electrolyte (completely ionized both in crystalline and solution states).
Sodium hydroxide is not volatile, but it rises easily in air as aerosols. It is insoluble in ethyl ether.


Characteristics methods    MU    Values    Test
SudIum hydroxide (NaOH), min.    %    98    STAS 3068
SudIum carbonate (Na2CO3), max.    %    0.5    STAS 3068
SudIum chloride(NaCI), max    %    0.15    STAS 3068
Iron oxides (Fe2O3), max.    %    0.01    STAS 3068

Specific adfasdfas    The values of those characteristics are Approximated, and are only for general information and are not art of the technical quality conditions.
pH    strongly alkaline
Boiling point    1390’C
Ignition temperature    not ignitable
Relative density (water=1)    2.13 at 25’C
Melting point    318’C

Main Application:
:- Petroleum industry
   (petroleum products refining)    :- Chemical industry (dyes, water treatment);
:- Pulp and paper industry (wood treatment);    :- Textile industry;
:- Metallurgy industry (alumnia);    :- Soap and detergents industry .
Un-painted drums made of 0.5 mm corrugated or plate sheets, with maximum capacity of 400 kg net (max. permissible variation +4 kg).

For road export delivery, if necessary , OLCHIM performs painting and marking of the drums


Keep the products in tightly closed and properly labeled containers. Do not store caustic solid in aluminum container as flammable hydrogen gas can be produced. Caustic soda solid should be stored under dry and cold spaces well-ventilated in order to avoid dust forming and spreading. Never store caustic soda solid together with other group of materials such as: acids and ammonium salts.


Please refer to the product Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) offering customers help to better satisfy their particular handing , safety and disposal needs and those that may be required by locally applicable health and safety regulations.


Caustic soda solid is highly corrosive hazardous product. Avoid body contact. It is dangerous to eyes and skin. Destroy skin tissues and causes severe chemical bums. Inhalation of dust/mist can cause serious injury to respiratory tract. Ingestion can injure the digestive system


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