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Acids are generally used in oil and Gas Wells to stimulate the oil and gas flow from the well and to remove incrustations in the wells. Acids, Preferentially, Hydrochloric acid is forced under high pressure through the hole into the rock formation to produce fracture around the hole. About 10-15% hydrochloric acids are generally used for producing fracture. When the deposit is calcareous. When such a large quality of hydrochloric acid is used, it is needless to say that well equipment should be protected from corrosion by use of inhibitor. Acid corrosion inhibitor formulated by Deltamike is an acid corrosion inhibitor which is stable upto 1200C


Chemical Composition: It is mixture of organic aliphatic
Physical Properties
Color    Dark Blue
Odour    Ammoniacal Odour
Specific Gravity    1.06-1.08
Soluble by forming some haziness in 15% HCl
Should be negative for presence of Arsenic

Pour Point, 0C:
12.0 (Max).
Corrosion Inhibitor Test

Pressure, PSI    1000
Test Temperature, 0C    120+ 20C
Condition of test    Static
Duration of test (in hours)    6
Acid volume/test coupon    75 Surface area, ml/sq/inch
Type of steel    N-80
Type of acid    Hydrochloric acid (15% W/W)
Conc. of inhibitor ml/lit    30
Corrosion rate without pitting    0.224 gm/cm2 (Max)

Handling and Precautions

Highly alkaline used gloves, nose mask and goggles while handling. At the time of dosing Acid corrosion inhibitor to HCI, may produce white fumes of ammonium chloride which are harmless. It is advice to dilute Acid corrosion inhibitor first water and then pump with hydrochloric acid into it. 

Oil Line Corrosion Inhibitor


In the oil well drilling, pipelines and flow lines are often found to take in problem of severe corrosion Inhibitor. If the flow velocity is less than required for turbulent flow, liquids will not contact top area. In most cases free liquid moves along the bottom of pipe. Depending upon velocity the layer may be both condensate and water or as discrete layers of oil and water. To protect the pipelines from the corrosion,  " CORONIL - OL" is been formulated to provide a 
tough film 



Chemical Composition:It is composition of organic specified amines with dispersant 

Physical Properties


Light yellow to Dark brown viscous liquid
Specific Gravity    1.00 - 1.05
Soluble in water, sea water & formation water in Proportion
Toxicity    Low.
Physical State:
The material, will be free flowing, homogenous liquid free from visible impurities and suspended solids
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