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Deflocculant is a proprietary tannin-based product used for rheology control in water-based muds. It is readily soluble over a wide range of temperatures and is effective in low concentrations without requiring the use of caustic soda.


Application    Required Materials
Low pH Deflocculant system    1 to 4 ppb 
(3 to 11 kg/m3) 
depending on MBT & mud weight
Defoamer in salt muds    .1 to.25 ppb
(.3 to.79 kg/m3)
Top hole and low solids, semi-dispersed muds    .1 to .5 ppb Deflocculant (.3 to 2 kg/m3)
Supplement lignosulfonate, lignite muds    Ratio of 4 lignosulfonate or lignite to 1 Deflocculant
Deep, hot drilling where lignosulfonates degrade    Ratio of 4 lignite to 1 Deflocculant
Saturated salt, inhibited or contaminated muds    .25 to 3 ppb (.7 to 9 kg/m3)
Conditioning drilling mud for packer mud (any density)    .5 to 3 ppb (2 to 9 kg/m3) for shear strength control
Cement preflush    2 to 3 ppb (6 to 9 kg/m3)


Most water-based mud formulations


Mix through hopper 


Maximum deflocculation and shear strength reduction at low concentrations
4 to 8 times more effective than lignosulfonates, depending on conditions
Soluble in systems of high salinity, high hardness and at any pH
Scavenges oxygen and inhibits corrosion
High-temperature rheology control; proven effective in excess of 4000F (2040C)
Solution pH is 8.5± - no caustic needed to activate
Reduces the effects of cement contamination


Bioassay information is available upon request. Handle as an industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as described on the Transportation and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). PACKING AND STORAGES

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