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Demulsifier (Oil Soluble)

Demulsification chemicals have been successfully used throughout the world over the years to desiccate oil.
These products work by firstly removing the emulsifying agent and secondly coalescing the water droplets that then separate by gravity, achieving dry oil with low salt content as well as minimal oil in the separated water.
There are two types of Demulsifiers which are use in oil fields – Oil Soluble Demulsifier and Water Soluble Demulsifier depending upon the continuous phase of oil or water. Field experience shows that typical dose rates are in the region of 5 - 50 ppm, based on the total volume of produced fluids. 
Formulating the correct demulsifier to maximize water removal should always be performed in the field using fresh emulsion, as every emulsion is unique and related to the field as well as process conditions. Emulsions also age, becoming more difficult to break over time, meaning a delay during transportation of crude is not viable. Normal practice is for a field trial to be carried out prior to bulk purchase. Demulsifiers are designed to give rapid separation of oil and water along with a sharp interface and good water quality and can be designed to desalt crude if required.

Characteristic and Property

Physical Appearance : Oil Soluble
(a) The material shall be free flowing homogenous liquid at 5 0C free from visible impurities.
(b) Solubility - 2% (w/v) solution with Xylene / Toluene (LR Grade) should be clear at 20 0C.
Note: Detailed specifications which includes performance test are available on request.


Demulsifiers in many fields globally result in significant savings for operators. Demulsifiers extends the life of pipelines and process vessels, thus saving on expensive downtime and materials during repair and replacement.
Toxicity and Handling

It can be stored in closed containers away from direct sunlight at ambient temperature. During handling, direct contact with human body is to be avoided. Safety goggles and gloves are recommended for safe handling.
Packaging and Storage

Products can be supplied in 210 liter drums and as per buyer requirement.
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