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With an ever increasing demand of crude oil, it is essential that every drop of oil is produced in economically viable quantities. This has brought into sharp focus, various marginal fields with off spec crudes which are troublesome to handle due to its poor flow properties.

UNIVERSAL OIL FIELD CHEMICALS PVT. LTD. is the pioneer in the Flow Assurance concept in India and offers Integrated and One –Stop service to effectively and economically solve all flow related issues. These include:

  • Characterization of crude oils based on their flow properties
  • Specific product formulation as opposed to omnibus products currently available in the market..
  • Tailor made solutions for both Vertical & Horizontal regimes.
  • Clear-cut/defined specifications achievable post Flow Assurance.
  • Complete project proposal with special emphasis on benefits to the end user.
  • Dozing services, inclusive of technical manpower, pumping equipment with daily monitoring reports.
  • Real time Monitoring.
  • Proprietary technology for handling heavy, waxy, asphaltic and emulsion crudes( as high as 60% water cut)
  • A unique creation called the “Fast Response Protocol” to maximize achievement of user’s required parameters,
  • Flow Assurance Guarantee.
  • Development of ‘Low Carbon Foot-Print’ model
  • All the above features are packaged in a NO CURE NO PAY Model.

    These packages include mix of chemicals which are a marriage of different chemistries to respond to a wide array of crude oils based on user requirements like: