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H2S Scavenger is an oil soluble, hydrogen sulfide scavenger designed to significantly reduce concentrations of hydrogen sulfide in a variety of process streams. 

:- H2S Scavenger can be used in a variety of process streams
:- depending upon the H2S level.


Does not increase emulsion-forming tendencies.
Soluble in light to heavy hydrocarbons.
Excellent low temperature handling properties
Non-metallic, non-caustic formulation
Effective treatment with wide variety of process streams.
Reaction products are thermally stable.
(1).    Physical State: The material shall be a free flowing powder, free from visible impurities.

(2).    Specific Gravity on Dry Basis at 25 0C/25 OC:................................................................ 4.20 (Minimum).

(3).    Dry Screen Analysis:
Fraction Passing through 300 Mesh BSS or Equivalent Sieve, percent by mass:........... 98.0 (Minimum).

(4).    H2S Absorbance Test: 

(a) Prepare a Standard Solution of Na2S having concentration 2500 ppm , in Distilled Water.
(b)    Prepare a mixture of Sodium Bicarbonate and Tartaric acid in the ratio 1 : 1 (by mass)

(c)    Prepare a Solution of Lead Acetate having concentration of 5% (w/v) in Distilled Water.

Now take 1g of the sample in a wide mouthed plastic bottle (approximately 100 ml capacity) having an air tight lid with a hole of 1 cm diameter in the centre and screwed cap. Add 1ml of Na2S solution (a) in the bottle and further add 24ml distilled water. Keep for 15 minutes. Now add 3g of solid mixture (b).

Immediately place a filter paper moistened with Lead Acetate solution (c) on top of the hole in the lid and place the lid on the bottle which is further covered with the screwed cap to avoid any leakage of H2S gas. Keep it for 2 minutes to allow the reaction to be completed.

Then take out the filter paper by opening the screw cap and observe the colour developed on it.
With the exception of some tiny scattered spots, there should not be any blackening of the filter paper.


It is recommended that H2S Scavenger be injected on a continues basis via an injection nozzle to improve distribution where possible. Dosages will vary dependent upon the concentration of hydrogen sulfide, the viscosity of the process stream, along with other variables. 

Appearance    Clear colorless to yellow Liquid
Sp. Gr @15.60C    0.83 - 0.86
K.V. @15.60C    1.5 – 4.0
Flash Point    < 50C


Improves Refinery operations
Improves saleability of products.


H2S Scavenger is available in 180 k gs net MS drums or EASY Returnable bulk containers.
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