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General Characteristics of Dry Ground Mica Power

It is highly responsive to the action of light, heat, electricity, water and other chemicals. It transmits and reflects light to produce decorative effects and also prevents penetration of “SUN” Rays, moisture, heat, gases etc. On the surface on which it is coated. It produces stiffening effect of calendared sheets.
It has very high lubrication value and can be used as:
High Temperature Grease, Mould Release etc. in rubber & plastics.
Dusting Surface.
Anti friction powder of compounds.
It produces leafing effects in liquid product due to low specific gravity and as such, remain uniformly dispersed over the surface of liquid vehicles. It has excellent di-electric & thermal insulation properties. It has very little abrasive effect and can easily get wetted by resin and dyes. It has an excellent anti-sticking property and as such, during vulcanization,, it prevents sticking and movement of sulphur, at the same time, it permits the air bubbles to escape. It has re-enforcing and strengthening effect in the product with which it is mixed, and as such, it prevents rupturing and improves adherence.

Uses And Application Of Dry Ground Mica Flakes & Mica Powder

Mesh size    Uses    Purpose
6 Mesh
Oil well drilling mud
In oil drilling operations, Mica mud act as sealing agent and bridges the openings, this prevents loss of circulations.
10 Mesh
Chrismas ornaments, display materials, artificial snow.
Acts as flocking materials and provide glimmering effects.
16 Mesh
20 Mesh
30 Mesh
Concrete, stone brick asphalt roofing felt.
Explosive & disintant absorbent automotive components break shoes
Proved thermal insulation and decorative finish. Prevents sticking & improves weather proofing & as substitutes to asbestos.
50 Mesh
Wedding electrodes
Result in formation of fuse able slag & provides an impermeable skin that resists the action of atmosphere condition & provides a good seal at fusion zones.
60 Mesh
Wire cables.
In wire & cables, it provides protective coating & line, adhesives, lubri-Improves Dielectric and mechanical ants, plastics, cements, strength.
80 Mesh
Pipe & enamel foundry work.
In pipe line, adhesive, plastics cement enamel etc., it increases heat & chemical resistance, co-efficient of expansion, lower growth due to water absorption provides antisag & reduces the cracking, in foundry works it act as a filter to improve the physical properties.
100 Mesh
Texture paints
Attractive decorative & architectural durability, adhesion acoustical plaster water coatings.
200 Mesh
Tyre industry
Inner coating of tyres.
300 Mesh
Paints industry
In paints industry for glossing & heat resistant.



Micronized Mica powder is used in cosmetic industry, paint industry, rubber industry. 

Mica 2/0
1-5 mm
Muscovite Mica formula:    K2Al4(Al2Sl5O22XOH)4
Customs tariff code:    25 25 20 000
CAS- Number:    12001-26-2

Typical Chemical Analysis:

SIO2    45-48 %
Fe2O3    2-5 %
Al2O3        33-37 %
K2O    9-11 %



Bulk density    130-180 kg/m3
Solubility in water    Insoluble
Expoision limits    Inert
Thermal decomposition    do not occur
Toxicity    non toxic

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