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PHPA (High Temperature)


PHPA (Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide polymer) is a specially treated high molecular weight Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide polymer for all water-base drilling fluids. It functions as viscosifying agent, shale and bore-hole stabilizer, encapsulator, bentonite extender, flocculation agent and assist with fluid loss control.

Application & Features

PHPA is applicable in freshwater, seawater, saturated saltwater mud, KCl and solids free brine systems. It provides cuttings encapsulation, shale filming/inhibition, flocculation of drilled solids, viscosity and lubricity. PHPA's strong encapsulating/filming action stabilizes clay and shale formations, blocks the absorption or inhibition of water from the drilling fluids, prevents clay and shale cuttings from disintegration and dispersion into the mud while carrying up the annulus from bit to surface. Fluids contained PHPA has property of shear-thinning which helps maximize drill rate by exhibiting low bit viscosity and high lifting capacity at the lower shear rate at the annulus

Typical Specification

Appearance    Milky white viscous liquid
Ionic nature    Anionic
Average non-volatile solids, % min    35.0
Approx. bulk density    1.05
Molecular weight    High
Appearance    White granular powder
Ionic nature    Anionic
Solid content, % min.    88.0
Insoluble content, % max    0.20
Residue monomer, % max    0.15
Hydrolysis, %    23 - 30
Molecular weight *    2 million - 35 million
(1).    Physical State : The flowing powder, free from lumps and visible impurities.
(2).    Moisture Content at 105 ± 2 °C percent by mass : 7.0 (Maximum) .
(3).    Ionic Character : Anionic. 
(4). Relative Dispersibility of Bentonite Pellets in 0.2% (w/v) Polymer Solution at 60 ± 50C with respect to Distilled Water : 175 (Maximum).
(5). Degree of Hydrolysis, as Determined by Electrometric Titration, percent by man : 20.0 to 40.0. 
(6). Apparent Viscosity of 0.2% (w/v) Polymer Solution in Distilled Water using a Fann VG Meter or Equivalent, cP :

(i)    At 24 ± 2 °C .......9 (Minimum).
(ii)    After aging at 110 ± 2 ° C for 18 hours : Should not be less than 80% of the value obtained at 6(i).

7. Effect on 4cP Bentonite Suspension at 0.2% (w/v) Polymer Concentration:
(i)    Apparent Viscosity at 24 ± 2 °C and pH 9.0, cP : 15 (Minimum).
(ii) Apparent Viscosity after aging at 140 ± 20C for 24 hours, cP : Should not be less than 80% of the value otained at 7(i).

8. Calcium Tolerance Test:
(i)    Apparent Viscosity of 0.4% (w/v) Polymer Solution in Distilled Water, cP : To be determined.
(ii)    Apparent Viscosity of 0.4% (w/v)Polymer Solution in Distilled Water in presence of 100 ppm Ca++ , cP : Should not be less than 60% of the value obtained at 8(i).


PHPA Emulsion packed in 25kgs plastic bails. PHPA solid packed in 25-kgs paper sacks. Store in a dry location.

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