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Description Sodium bicarbonate contains not less than 99.0percent and not more than 100.5 percent of NaHCO3 calculated on a dry basis. A white crystalline powder. It is stable in dry air, but slowly decomposes in moist air. Its solutions, when freshly prepared with cold water, without shaking, are alkaline to litmus. The alkalinity increase as the solutions stand, are agitated or are heated.

A solution of it responds to the tests for sodium and bicarbonate.

A 1 in 10 solution gives positives tests for sodium and bicarbonate.

Loss on drying

Not more than 0.25% of its weight.

Not more than 0.25% by weight.

Insoluble substances

Dissolve 1 g 20 ml of water: the resulting solution is complete and clear.

Passes test.

Normal carbonate

Meet test.


150 ppm as Cl max.

Limit of sulphur compounds

150 ppm as SO4 max.


2 ppm max.

Heavy metals

5 ppm max.

Limit of ammonia

Meets requirements.

Organic volatile impurities

Meets requirements.

Passes test.

Assay-dry basis

Not less than 99.0 % or not more than 100.5 % of NaHCO3

Not less than 99% NaHCO3 after drying.


Not more than 2 mg /kg


Granulation (powdered)
Ro-Tap Cumulative % Retained
Sieve size (USS) Microns Minimum Maximum
100 149 0 2
200 74 20 45
325 44 60 100





General properties

Empirical formula NaHCO3
NaHCO3 1447-550-80
Other names

Bicarbonate of soda, Sodium acid carbonateBaking soda.

Chemical abstract name Carbonic acid monosodium salt.
Appearance Slightly alkaline
Molecular weight 84.01
Thermal decomposition

Decomposes without melting into Na2CO3, H2O and CO2.see figure 1.

Bulk density 63  lb/ft3, 1.007  g/cc
Crystal density

137.3 lb/ ft3, 2.2 g /cc

BTU/ lb at 720f 0.249
Solubility in water See figure 2.
Solubility in alcohol Insoluble
Specific gravity of aqueous solutions See figure 3
Alkali equivalent 1 lb NaHCO3 = 0.369 lb Na2O
Acid equivalent 1lb NaHCO3 = 0.435 lb HCL
Carbon dioxide equivalent 1 lb NaHCO3 = 0.524 lb co2
Ph 1 % aqueous soln at 770 f Approximately 8.3. See figure 4.

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